What is Synthetic Biology?

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Synbio news • 08/10/15 SynBioBeta Slated for November in San Francisco

Startups, entrepreneurs, investors and others will convene Nov. 4-6 in San Francisco for the SynBioBeta 2015 conference to discuss the latest developments in synthetic biology. More information can be found here.

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Synbio news • 07/14/15 "Engineering Biology" Meeting Focuses on Potential of Synthetic Biology

The Engineering Biology meeting, held in New York in April 2015, focused on the steps needed to ensure the full potential of synthetic biology. Videos presentations, articles and an executive summary can be found here.

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Project news • 07/02/15Synthetic Biology Project Comments on White House Plan to Update Coordinated Framework

The Synthetic Biology Project supports White House plans to modernize the Coordinated Framework for the Regulation of Biotechnology to address emerging technologies like synthetic biology.

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A Guide for Communicating Synthetic Biology
Publications • 09/29/14A Guide for Communicating Synthetic Biology

This document provides a set of guidelines to help organizations, institutions, journalists, and others discuss the emerging field of synthetic biology with a variety of audiences.

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Project news • 07/18/14“Gene Drives” Offer Potential Benefits, But Raise Regulatory and Ecological Questions

A cross-disciplinary team is calling for public discussion about a potential new way to solve longstanding global ecological problems by using an emerging technology called “gene drives.”

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Project news • 03/26/15 Scientific American Op-ed Looks at "Genetic Determinism"

In a new op-ed, Eleonore Pauwels of the Synthetic Biology Projects and Jim Dratwa explore the limits of what DNA can tell us.

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Project news • 04/29/15New Inventory Tracks Growth of Synthetic Biology Products and Applications

The Wilson Center’s Synthetic Biology Project today has developed a first-of-its-kind inventory to track products and applications using the emerging technology of synthetic biology.

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Project news • 05/21/15Public Reaction Mixed on New Technology to Edit DNA, But Caution Urged for Researchers

Respondents to national online poll from the Synthetic Biology Project are uncertain about potential of gene-editing technology, but a majority support a ban on human-based research.

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Synbio news • 01/28/15 LEAP Announces 2015 Fellows

The Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program (SynBio LEAP) has awarded 23 fellowships to a wide variety of professionals to explore the future of synthetic biology. The fellows will convene their first meeting in early February, hosted by the Synthetic Biology Project at the Wilson Center.

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Inventories Products & Applications Inventory

This inventory of synthetic biology-based products and applications gives the public the best available look at the many manufacturer-identified products using this emerging technology. Registered users are encouraged to submit relevant data pertaining to synthetic biology applications, their function, properties, and producer(s).

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