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BIO-SA™ brand flavor enhancer offers a mouth-watering, ‘umami’ taste, which gives a savory, salty, meaty flavor. It can contribute to the reduction of salt, responding to the industry's need for healthier food products, while maintaining flavor. Our BIO-SA™ food additive can be used as an acidulant, serving as a pH buffer and as preservative, based on its natural, antimicrobial properties. BIO-SA™ brand ingredients are a natural, bio-based solution for flavors and food.

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Bio-based succinic acid offers multiple functionalities for food applications, not only as a flavoring agent, but also as an acidulant that increases the tartness or acidity of food. It also serves as a pH regulator and as a preservative that provides effective antimicrobial properties. Our BIO-SA™ brand flavor enhancer offers food and flavor companies a natural, safe, non-toxic alternative to today’s petroleum-based additives. The original Bio-succinic acid is produced via bacterial fermentation of plant-based feedstocks.

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