BIO-SA De-icing solutions



What they say about it
A recent study shows BioAmber's de-icing solutions have equivalent ice-melting performance to traditional salts, while dramatically reducing the corrosion of metal alloys and steel. They also do not cause concrete scaling. BIO-SA™ de-icing materials demonstrate excellent ice-melting and ice-penetration properties and reduce the freezing point to -19 degrees centigrade in a 25% solution with water. The succinate salts serve as excellent replacements for alkaline potassium formate and acetate. 

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How they say it works
Several patents cover the production and use of succinate salts from bio-based succinic acid de-icing solutions for their synergistic effect on the freezing point. BIO-SA™ de-icing solutions are made from renewable plant-based feedstocks in an energy-efficient process with reduced GHG emissions.

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