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The proposed DNA-based memory device would sit inside a bacterium and create a permanent record of its historical experiences in much the same way as the "Track Changes" feature of word-processing software records successive edits in an electronic document. Such a bacterial background check would be analogous to biological forensic tools, such as fingerprint analysis, DNA testing, and blood typing. Source

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The project team is charged with overseeing development of a bacterial memory system that actively reports on and tracks the history and status of an organism, providing information on its specific experiences, such as exposure to an antibiotic. This type of tracking system could protect commodity biomanufacturing by tracking the theft of proprietary bacterial strains that have been metabolically engineered to produce high-value products, such as biofuels or chemicals. It could also enhance the security of bacteria that are being studied in laboratory settings and discourage the misuse of dangerous biological pathogens. Source

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