What they say about it

Building upon its proprietary platform of high-performance, sustainable Tailored® products, Solazyme has developed Encapso™—a new, biodegradable drilling additive that is encapsulated to deliver high-grade liquid lubricant precisely at the point of friction. Source

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How they say it works

Encapso™ is proactively added to the drilling fluid, circulating freely as an inert ingredient. Because of its unique encapsulated product design, Encapso™ stays in the system for days or weeks, unlike liquid lubricants which may stick to drill cuttings, seep into formations or lose effectiveness. Only upon encountering pressure will Encapso™ burst—releasing high-grade oil to reduce friction precisely where it’s needed most. Unused Encapso™ can then be recirculated and used at a later time.

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