Eradicake Alpha-Amylase



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In support of reservoir clean-up needs, Verenium’s Eradicake™ alpha-amylase product addresses the removal of filter cake from the wellbore wall, a critical step in the drilling process.

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Laboratory and field tests have shown the effectiveness of Eradicake™ alpha-amylase in breaking down filter cake created by starch-based drilling muds. Using Eradicake™ alpha-amylase to break down the polymer structures of filter cake is easy and convenient (no specialized equipment is required), and safe for the operator and the environment. This product has been shown to remove filter cake from lengthy sections of a horizontal reservoir by a non-aggressive chemical reaction. This performance contrasts sharply with conventional approaches, such as the use of hydrochloric acid (HCl), which reacts aggressively with calcium carbonate (CaCo3) reservoirs and is suspected of creating wormholes that lead to formation damage and blockage of formation pores. This, in turn, can restrict the flow of hydrocarbons to the wellbore and limit well productivity. Eradicake™ alpha-amylase performs at higher temperatures and across a wider range of operating conditions than competitive products. This versatility allows for easier operation without a loss in productivity through the normal process variability of day-to-day operations. Source

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