Fuelzyme Alpha-amylase




What they say about it

Discovered from the depths of the ocean floor, FUELZYME®alpha-amylase is a highly evolved, high performance, thermostable enzyme that is effective over an exceptionally wide temperature and pH range allowing ethanol producers greater operational flexibility. FUELZYME® alpha-amylase provides superior reduction in mash viscosity, at a much lower dose compared to competitive products. Developed and marketed by Verenium Corporation, this unique enzyme is designed to significantly improve the efficiency and economics of fuel ethanol production. Source

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How they say it works

With a unique mode of action, FUELZYME® alpha-amylase randomly hydrolyzes internal alpha-1,4-glucosidic bonds in starch and its degradation products. FUELZYME® alpha-amylase liberates a consistent blend of lower molecular weight soluble dextrins and oligosaccharides. Unlike other alpha-amylase products on the market, which result in the production of both small dextrins and larger highly branched oligosaccharides, FUELZYME® alpha-amylase provides a more even distribution of oligosaccharides for effective hydrolysis by glucoamylase. FUELZYME® alpha-amylase performs best over a pH range of 5.0-5.4 and a temperature range of 190-195°F (88-91°C), but can be used over a broader operating range. It retains effective activity between pH 4.0-6.5 and up to 230°F. Source

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