Green Crude Oil




What they say about it

Green Crude is renewable crude oil that is a result of our proprietary process of turning sunlight, CO2, and algae into oil that can be refined into fuel. Our approach leverages the same industrial refining processes as current crude oil, yielding “drop-in” replacement transportation fuels that meet American Society for Testing and Materials standards for gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel and that are environmentally sound, cost effective, and scalable. Source

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How they say it works

By applying the principals used in bio-agriculture, Sapphire has been able to produce oil in algae that is highly branched and undecorated – the way that traditional crude is – to get biological crude that is molecularly similar to light sweet crude. This Green Crude is then processed at a refinery just as traditional crude to make all three major distillates – gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. Source

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Diesel, Gasoline

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