Mirel P1003, F1005 for Injection Molding




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Mirel™ P1003 is a general purpose injection molding material with high modulus. Mirel F1005 is FDA cleared for use in non-alcoholic food contact applications, from frozen food storage and microwave re-heating to boiling water up to 212°F. Source

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Metabolix biopolymers are based on polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers (PHAs) and are made by fermentation using renewable carbon-based feedstocks, making them 100% biobased in neat form. Metabolix has developed leading technology for production of a broad range of PHA biopolymers, as evidenced by an industry-leading intellectual property portfolio, and continues to innovate further to expand the range of performance and production economics of our PHA biopolymers. Metabolix biopolymers are produced and consumed naturally in living organisms such as microbes. As a result, our biopolymers can be biodegraded by similar microbes present in ambient environments such as soil and water. Mirel™ soil and marine biodegradable polymers help to reduce plastic waste accumulation in the environment. Source

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