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What they say about it

Accelerating Synthetic Biology - DNA design & fabrication integrating the best in modern cloning, PCR, direct synthesis, and gene editing methodologies. TeselaGen provides a revolutionary DNA design and assembly protocol generation service decoupling DNA design from any underlying assembly method, providing the most advanced Bio CAD/CAM system available. Taking full advantage of both in-house DNA constructs and the rapidly falling cost of de novo DNA synthesis, TeselaGen optimizes across a broad range of modern assembly techniques to produce fully scar-less DNA sequence assembly instructions ready for use at the bench or via automation. This approach releases the biologist from the major time, cost, and functionality limitations of traditional cloning to not only deliver the best overall assembly protocol, but to also create DNA constructs that may not be achievable by any other means. With TeselaGen's proprietary technology, these advances are now available for biologists at all levels of expertise who wish to assemble DNA simply, reliably, inexpensively, and with high fidelity.

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How they say it works
  • Graphical Sequence Editor - Visualize, edit & annotate your gene and plasmid libraries.
  • Symbolic CAD/CAM - Piece together novel constructs using parts from our database.
  • Fabrication Intelligence - Generate protocols that are optimized for cost and verified to assemble quickly and accurately.
  • Validation - We automatically align your sequence traces with each of your design variants. Source

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