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Synbio news • 01/28/15 LEAP Announces 2015 Fellows

The Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program (SynBio LEAP) has awarded 23 fellowships to a wide variety of professionals to explore the future of synthetic biology. The fellows will convene their first meeting in early February, hosted by the Synthetic Biology Project at the Wilson Center.

Synbio news • 04/24/14 EU Launches Strategic Vision for Synthetic Biology

The European Research Area Network for the development and coordination of synthetic biology in Europe has released a new report outlining the challenges and opportunities for the technology over the next decade. The document is expected to inform funding and policy decisions.

Synbio news • 03/31/14 Scientists Announce First Synthetic Chromosome

In a new paper published in Science, researchers at Johns Hopkins University announce their creation of the first-ever synthetic chromosome, which many see as a landmark step in the field of synthetic biology.

Synbio news • 10/18/13 Scientists Recode Genome to Boost Virus Resistance

In a potentially far-reaching breakthrough, Yale and Harvard scientists have recoded a genome to improve its resistance to viruses, according to a new paper published in Science.

Synbio news • 08/05/13 Kickstarter Bans Genetically Modified Rewards for Future Projects

Following the success of the Glowing Plant Project, crowdfunding site Kickstarter has quietly changed its guidelines to block future projects from giving genetically modified premiums to backers.

Synbio news • 07/31/13 New DNA Barcoding Project Looks to Help Identify Alaskan Plants

The GenSpace Community Lab is crowdsourcing funding for a new "DNA Barcoding" project that would allow citizen scientists to identify species of Alaskan plants with only a small sample and at a low cost.

Synbio news • 07/02/13 Father’s Genetic Quest Pays Off

In a story showing how scientists can make important breakthroughs outside the tradition research avenues, Nature speaks with biotech entrepreneur Hugh Rienhoff about how he used genome sequencing on second-hand equipment to identify a mutation that could be causing his daughter's health issues.

Synbio news • 01/04/13 Budget Deal Extends Biofuels Tax Credit to Algae Producers

Congress' Jan. 1 budget deal expands the definition of "cellulosic biofuel" to include for the first time microalgae- and cyanobacteria-based biofuels in the Cellulosic Biofuel Producers Tax Credit, which some analysts say could lead to "regulatory parity" for other tax credits.

Synbio news • 07/19/12 UK Synthetic Biology Roadmap Released

The UK Synthetic Biology Roadmap aims to build on the foundations and the progress of the field of synthetic biology in the UK. The report seeks to identify and stimulate initiatives to help companies develop new products and services that will have a clear public benefit, generate economic growth, and create jobs.

Synbio news • 07/16/12 New Workshop to Focus on Advancing Synthetic Biology in the Public Interest

The Synthetic Biology Leadership Accelerator Program is looking for ideas about how to best advance this emerging technology for the public good with an October workshop.

Synbio news • 05/07/12 The Rise of DIYBio

Washington Lawyer magazine takes a look at the "Do-It-Yourself" biology movement and the issues surrounding these growing scientific communities, including input from the Synthetic Biology Project's Todd Kuiken.

Synbio news • 05/02/12 Investment Firm Ad Campaign Focuses on Synthetic Biology

A new advertising campaign from Fidelity Investments focuses on the possible benefits and investment potential of synthetic biology, in what could be the first example of an investment firm using the emerging technology in its advertising material.

Synbio news • 04/26/12 White House Releases 'Bioeconomy Blueprint'

The Obama Administration has released its National Bioeconomy Blueprint, which calls for regulatory reform to realize the potential benefits of synthetic biology, but also says a "robust framework" is needed to address risks from emerging technologies.

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