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Synbio news • 06/29/09 Biosimilars: Obama’s seven year pitch

Biologic drugs should face the same generic competition as standard pharmaceuticals after seven years, aides of US president Barack Obama have stated…

Synbio news • 06/27/09 Biology’s Odd Couple

About 10 years ago, biology entered betting season. An upstart scientist named J. Craig Venter jolted the genetics establishment by launching his own gene-sequencing outfit, funded by commercial investment, and setting off toward biology's holy grail—the human genome—on his own...

Synbio news • 06/23/09 Venter Institute Gets $8.8 Million in Stimulus Funding

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) said today it is providing $42 million to The Human Microbiome Project’s three large-scale sequencing centers. One of the centers is J. Craig Venter Institute in Rockville, MD…

Synbio news • 06/16/09 Alternative Feedstocks Boost Ethanol Production

Members of the biofuels industry are ready to meet the challenge of producing replacements for petrochemical fuels that will be cost-competitive and renewable, and will meet the increasingly stringent demands of the green revolution....

Synbio news • 06/15/09 Algae-based Biofuels Moving Ever So Slowly to Market

Algae-based biofuels hold enormous promise as an alternative transportation fuel, but investors had better have patience. …

Synbio news • 06/15/09 New Glimpses of Life’s Puzzling Origins

[…] Chemists and biologists are thus pretty much on their own in figuring out how life started. For lack of fossil evidence, they have no guide as to when, where or how the first forms of life emerged. So they will figure life out only by reinventing it in the laboratory.

Synbio news • 06/14/09 CAS Launched China's Science and Technology Road Map up till 2050

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) launched its series report "Technological Revolution and China's Future-Innovation 2050" on June 10, 2009 in Beijing. The report produced a road map for China's science and technology development till 2050.

Synbio news • 05/29/09 New Rules for Biosecurity

Biosecurity regulations are back on the table again, and revised policies could have broad implications for the entire scientific enterprise. In response to an Executive Order by President Bush on 9 January 2009, an interagency working group is reviewing all U.S. laws and regulations governing the conduct of research with biological materials that are potential security threats—so-called select agents.…

Synbio news • 05/21/09 'Junk' DNA Has Important Role, Researchers Find

Scientists have called it "junk DNA." They have long been perplexed by these extensive strands of genetic material that dominate the genome but seem to lack specific functions. Why would nature force the genome to carry so much excess baggage?

Synbio news • 05/21/09 iGEM: bio-Lego for big kids

Synthetic biologists are a lot like children playing with Lego. But while a child uses plastic blocks to construct elaborate creations, synthetic biologists use genes and DNA to build new organisms and bacteria that create vaccines and biofuels and cure diseases…

Synbio news • 05/21/09 Genome Alberta Funding Launches $22M Genomics Studies

The government of Alberta and private funders have given C$25.2 million ($22.1 million) to two new research programs that will study genomics to discover new ways to use microbes in energy production and new uses for plants in medicine and in industry, Genome Alberta said today…

Synbio news • 05/20/09 Jay Keasling Receives Inaugural Biotech Humanitarian Award

BIO Honors Pioneer in Synthetic Biology Transforming Treatment of Malaria, Approach to Biofuels….

Synbio news • 05/20/09 First Jatropha Genome Completed by Synthetic Genomics Inc. and Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology

Synthetic Genomics Inc.and Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology (ACGT), today announced completion of a first draft, 10X assembly of the jatropha genome….

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