BIO-SA Based Phthalate-Free Plasticizers




What they say about it

Plasticizers are esters used to soften plastic and provide flexibility to polyvinyl chloride, or PVC: a widely-used product in multiple end-markets. There is high market demand for renewable non-phthalate plasticizers, due to regulatory concerns around phthalates and their impact on human health in some countries.

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How they say it works

Bacterial fermentation yields BIO-SA, which can in turn be used to produce a unique brand of plasticizers. These can be used as a replacement for phthalic acid-based plasticizers. Tests carried out by SolVin, the second largest European producer of PVC resins, have shown that succinate plasticizers have excellent efficiency. SolVin is a leader in vinyls offering a broad variety of PVC solutions for a large number of everyday needs such as construction, engineering, health care, automotive and consumer goods.

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