DIY Fake Urine – How to Make Your Own Piss for Drug Test?

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If ever you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to pass a urine-based drug test too soon after your last encounter with drugs, you’re likely facing an unsightly fork in the road. One path you can take is to quickly rid your body of the traces of the drugs you’ve used, in order to safely produce clean urine on the day of the test. The other, more difficult road to take is to use urine that isn’t yours. You can either source the urine from someone clean, or you can use synthetic urine, which you can purchase or make yourself. If you want to find out more about DIY synthetic urine (how to make it, its risks, etc.), read on!

The Truth: Is Homemade Synthetic Urine a Viable Option?

The short answer to this question is: while it is definitely possible to make synthetic urine at home, the difficulty of the process and its high failure rate makes it one of the worse options you might have. Making your own synthetic urine is not the easiest thing to do in a pinch; the necessary ingredients are hard to source, and having to measure them very accurately is tricky.

What Are the Risks of Using DIY Fake Pee During a Drug Test?

image of drug testing labMany testing facilities in the United States are now beginning to employ strict measures during the testing process. These include frisking the subject’s body, checking pockets, or even accompanying the subject as they urinate. You have to be well-prepared for such instances and make sure that your container of synthetic pee will go undetected.

You also have to keep in mind that being caught submitting an inauthentic urine sample is punishable by law in the United States. Before attempting to use synthetic urine, you’d do well to gauge the situation around the test carefully: is the test for employment in a private corporation, or are government authorities involved?

Private companies usually have their own security policy and staff, and some don’t find it necessary to escalate such an issue to the police. Of course, dealing with authorities is much riskier.

Also, when using a DIY solution, you won’t be able to tell if your attempt to make fake urine is successful until your results have come back from the lab.

While technically it’s possible to create fake urine at home we recommend you buy already tried and tested brands,

The best brand we can confidently recommend is Quick Fix Plus. which has less than a 0.02% fail rate. A close alternative to QF is the Monkey Whizz which comes with a urinator and elastic belt.

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Which Drugs Can Be Detected by a Drug Test Using Urine?

The most comprehensive drug tests can detect up to 10 substances, including tetrahydrocannabinol (found in marijuana), amphetamines, cocaine metabolites, methadone, opiates, and other narcotics. Some drug tests however only look for the presence of THC and amphetamines (crystal meth) which are the most commonly used illicit drugs.

What Are the Characteristics Checked in a Urine Sample During a Drug Test?

Human urine is a unique substance with distinct characteristics. The bodily process of flushing out waste substances through urination is quite complex, making fresh urine exceedingly difficult to replicate for drug testing purposes.

The biggest hurdle you face when you decide to use synthetic piss during a drug test is having to submit a sample that falls within the correct temperature range. Freshly collected urine is around 90 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit: the same temperature as your body.

The temperature is the very first thing that laboratories check in a urine sample, and many synthetic replacements fail to pass drugs tests because they are too cold or warm.

Another factor checked in a sample is the odor and color. Producing odorless urine is not a normal occurrence in the human body. Laboratories also check the PH level of the sample. Real urine has an average PH level of around 6, and the recipes outlined below will yield solutions with this PH if done correctly.

Finally, the presence of uric acid and urea (and sometimes, creatinine) is the clincher that will validate the supposed authenticity of your sample.


How Do I Make My Own Fake Urine?

Before you begin making either of the two recipes below, it is necessary for you to have a very accurate digital scale that can measure small amounts of matter. You’d also need to measure liquid volume, so droppers and accurate measuring cups will come in handy. The correct measurement of each ingredient is crucial to the success of your recipe. Testing your final product with PH strips is also very helpful in determining beforehand whether or not you have a passable sample, so have those around too.

Artificial Urine Recipe 1


  • 976 ml of 0.02 mole hydrochloric acid solution
  • 1.9 ml of 0.25 ammonia solution
  • 14.1 g sodium chloride or table salt
  • 2.8 g potassium chloride
  • 17.3 g urea
  • 0.6 g calcium chloride
  • 0.43 g magnesium sulfate


image of home made fake urineMix all the dry ingredients (basically all of the ingredients except the 2 solutions listed) in a sealable container that has the capacity of around a liter.

Slowly and carefully add the wet ingredients to the mixture, with the ammonia solution coming before the hydrochloric acid solution. You might not need to use all of the hydrochloric acid solution you have; just keep adding it into the mixture until it arrives at a convincing color and odor.

Seal the container and store the mixture carefully. Thankfully, it’s not easily perishable; it can last for several weeks as long as it’s kept from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Recipe 2


  • 750 ml distilled water
  • 7.5 g sodium chloride or table salt
  • 50 mg albumin powder (bovine or egg)
  • 4.5 g potassium chloride
  • 4.8 g sodium phosphate (monobasic)
  • 18.2 g urea
  • 2 g creatinine


Pour the water into your mixing container.

Add the urea to the water slowly, and mix until all of the crystals have been dissolved

Add the table salt, potassium chloride, and sodium phosphate to the solution and mix thoroughly.

Store the mixture in a sealed container until the day of your drug test. Like the first recipe, this initial mixture is not easily perishable: you can even freeze it to make it last for months instead of weeks. On the day of the test, add the creatinine and albumin to the mixture before you head to the testing facility.

What Are the Other Options I Have to Pass a Drug Test?

Asking someone who does not take drugs to give you a sample of their urine is arguably a better, more easily available option. There are also many other pre-made synthetic urine products on the market that have very high success rates in passing drug tests; these are much more reliable options than having to take a chance with a DIY recipe. These products usually come with insulators that can keep the liquid at an optimum temperature. You can also opt to purchase penis-shaped dispensers with the solution if ever you find yourself at a strict testing facility.

One particular alternative brand we can confidently recommend is Quick Fix which has (spoiler alert) less than a 0.02% fail rate.

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