How To Sneak Urine To Test Places: Is It Possible?

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Urine drug testing is all too common in the modern workplace! Opinions differ on whether drug testing can be justified, but we can all agree that the process is somewhat invasive.

Luckily, there are several reliable ways to beat a urine test – the most popular of which being synthetic urine. But how can you manage to sneak in a sample into the testing facility without getting caught? Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to beating the drug test with a synthetic urine sample!

Sneaking the Sample Into The Testing Facility

a warm urine sample

For the most part, drug testing facilities aren’t too strict about patting you down for fake samples. There’s a chance that they’ll ask you to remove your jacket or empty your pockets – but apart from that, you should be in the clear.

Best Place to Hide It For Women

One of the best spots to hide a urine sample on your body is right under your breast inside your bra. Use a padded bra to prevent the sample from looking unnatural on your body. The best thing about keeping it here is it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be touched in this area. Additionally, the breast acts as a natural heating pad to keep your urine at a good, warm temperature.

Best Place to Hide It For Men

For guys, the groin area is the best body part to keep your fake urine in because you’re not likely to be touched here either. You can opt to place the sample over your crotch or a little lower in your underwear. Figure out which feels most comfortable so you can walk into the facility confidently to avoid raising suspicion.

Other Body Parts You Can Use

  • Inner Thigh. Some people prefer to use a leg strap to attach the urine sample on the inner part of their thigh since it looks less obvious. This is a pretty comfortable spot but not the best one if you have to be patted down at any point in the test since the leg strap is easily felt.
  • Armpit. While it’s great for keeping the sample warm, it’s a risky place to keep your sample. There’s a lot that could go wrong. For instance, sweating too much could loosen the tape holding the sample and it could fall right out of your sleeve. You also might move your arms unnaturally, so try not to make this your first option.
  • Torso. Again, if you’re not being patted down by anyone, this is a secure and safe way to bring your sample in. Otherwise, try an option that conceals it better.
  • Up Your Butt. Yep, you read that correctly. If for whatever reason, you know the facility will be strict in testing you, this is your best bet. It’ll definitely be uncomfortable but it pretty much guarantees you won’t get caught.

Where NOT to Keep Your Urine Kit

Some places you should avoid hiding your urine kit are your pockets and bags for obvious reasons. These areas can be readily inspected by technicians or anyone who’s in-charge of assessing you.

Preparing for a Supervised Drug Test

Since sneaking in urine samples is a common way to pass drug tests, technicians have caught on and may supervise you while you pee. This helps them establish that the urine sample you provide is definitely yours.

What To Do If You’re Going To Be Supervised

While it may seem scary to have someone monitoring you, there are urine devices you can use so you can manage to sneak your fake pee in. Monkey Dong provides a kit that includes a urination device that looks like a real penis and it comes in different skin tone shades! You can place the provided urine-filled pouch and its attached thin tube into the penis device to make it look realistic.

Alternatively, if you have some time on your hands you could opt for a full body detox! If you’re interested, check out our buyer’s guide on the subject: Best Detox Pills For Drug Test.

Practice Is Key

It’s important to get the hang of looking natural while you pee, so you definitely need to take the time to get used to the device. Try to give yourself a week in advance to practice wearing and using it until you’re comfortable.

Preparing For an Unsupervised Drug Test

It won’t be necessary to get a urination device for an unsupervised drug test but keep your guard up and the noise down when you’re in the restroom. Technicians can easily listen in on any suspicious sounds going on while you ‘pee’.

If you think you’re going to make noise, hum or sing your favorite tune at a reasonable volume to avert their attention. It might sound like a ridiculous idea but it’s better to be safe than to risk raising eyebrows when you hand in your sample.

Make It Look Convincing

To make sure your sample resembles real urine, shake the bottle for three seconds to create a few bubbles around the sides. Shaking it also helps in ensuring that the temperature is uniform all throughout the sample.

What to Wear to the Drug Test

As much as possible, wear loose-fitted clothing to conceal the urine kit or sample on your body. You should plan an outfit with the urine sample and strap on you in advance to check for areas in your body that stand out or look unnatural because of the sample or device. This way, you can correct any missteps by looking for something else to wear rather than panicking on the day itself.

How Much Urine Should I Bring?

Only bring a little over the minimum amount of urine required. You shouldn’t feel like you’re carrying additional weight while you walk. Plus, it’ll be easier to dispose of everything when you’re done if you only bring what you need.

Keeping the Sample Warm

It’s crucial to get the right temperature for a fake urine sample. There’s no point in successfully sneaking in your synthetic urine if it doesn’t pass the test anyway. Generally, you want a temperature range between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If your sample is too hot, they might think you’re sick with a fever. If it’s too cold, then you’re busted ’cause you’d have to be dead to go below 94 degrees.

Want to learn more? we’ve a guide on how to keep urine warm for urine drug test here.

Heating Pads

Most urine kits come with a heating pad to help you maintain the perfect temperature for about 6-8 hours. Read the kit’s heating instructions carefully and go over the steps in your head so you know exactly what to do on the day of testing.

Heat Activator Powder

Adding heat activator powder to a urine sample will increase its temperature in a matter of seconds due to the Lithium Chloride in its formula. You need to put about one-third of the powder in the sample to get the correct temperature.

Clear Choice Sub Solution offers a great heat activator powder along with its urine kit.

Can I Just Use Someone Else’s Pee?

Yes, but it comes with a risk. Whether it’s a friend’s or a co-worker’s pee sample, you’re relying solely on their word that they’re clean. There’s no way that they can provide you with absolute certainty that they haven’t used any substances in the past week or month.

Additionally, if your company requests for the lab technicians to use the same urine sample to test for anything other than drugs, it could get you into trouble too. Simply put, you can use someone else’s pee but be sure that it’s someone of the same sex, very healthy, and transparent about their drug history.

Come Prepared

With all things considered, the best way to overcome a urine drug test is to do your homework and come prepared. Most people are able to pass these tests for as long as they follow the proper steps and use the right products.

Among all the options out there, Clear Choice Sub Solution has to be the go-to synthetic urine sample for anyone who needs clean results, whether in a supervised or unsupervised drug testing. It’s a product worth purchasing and I’d say it’s the most reliable way to get the results you need.