The Jerry G Method: Can it Really Fool Hair Tests?

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Unless you’re one of the lucky few, chances are you’ve gone through at least one drug test for work or for school. Most places will require only a urine test, which is the most common and cheapest type of test. These can be easily passed through many different ways, like detoxes or synthetic urine.

However, some employers are choosing to use a completely different kind of test. It’s two words that put a chill through every recreational drug user’s spine: “hair test”.  These are more expensive, but they can test for traces up to three months prior – and they’re also much, much harder to fool.image of jerry g method procedure


Fooling a Hair Follicle Test

Even the most seasoned of test passers get anxious when a hair test is coming up. You can’t just shave your head or wear a wig and call it a day. It requires a ton more effort than any other kind of drug test.

Lab technicians will get strands of your hair, but will only use the first 1.5 inches from the root. With this much hair sample, they can test for up to 90 days. This is the standard across most labs, but if they cut off more hair they can potentially test for longer than 90 days.

They will be testing for traces of substances, which can be found in your hair’s cortex. The cortex is protected by your hair cuticles. You’ll need to open up your cuticles first before you can clean the cortex of any trace of drugs.

There is one really well-known method floating around the internet that claims to open your hair cuticles, strip the cortex, and pass a hair drug test every time. It’s called the Jerry G Method.

The Jerry G Method

The Jerry G Method is a process to detoxify your hair so you can pass the hair follicle test. It was created in 2008 by a popular member of an old cannabis forum named Jerry G. He claimed that he’s used this method many times to pass a drug test, and due to his almost-celebrity status on the forums, the method spread. Since then, many others have claimed to pass their hair drug tests using the Jerry G Method as well.

Things You’ll Need

picture of baking sodaBaking soda

40 vol peroxide bleach

2 boxes of hair dye with ammonia

Toxin Wash Shampoo

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

Jerry G Method’s Cleaning Procedure:

jerry g procedure imageThe whole process itself takes just ten days to completely detoxify your hair. It’s important to follow the instructions closely to guarantee positive results.

  1. Stop using marijuana or any substance. You have to stay clean throughout the entire process or else it won’t work.
  2. Bleach and dye your hair according to package instructions.
  3. Wash your hair with the Toxin Wash Shampoo ( Check out all the best hair follicle detox shampoos in the market).
  4. Wait at least 10 days, then repeat steps 2-3.
  5. On the day of your test, mix baking soda and water to create a thick paste.
  6. Massage the paste thoroughly into your hair and scalp.
  7. Wash out the baking soda paste with Toxin Wash Shampoo.
  8. Follow up with Ultra Clean Shampoo.
  9. Dry your hair and head to your follicle test appointment.

Important Reminders

It is crucial that you STOP DOING ANY SUBSTANCE DURING THE PROCESS. Failing to do this means you’ll probably fail the test.

You can do this method at home by yourself, but you can also get your bleaching done by a professional. They are trained to bleach your hair safely and evenly, without accidentally burning your scalp or causing your hair to fall off.

You HAVE to do at least two sessions of bleaching and dyeing. The Jerry G Method works best if you wait at least 10 days between the first and second session. If you’re pressed for time, do the second session as close as possible to the day of the test.

If you have longer/thicker hair or you’re a heavy user, you might need to do the bleaching and dyeing process more than twice.

Make sure to use a permanent hair dye that contains ammonia; natural dyes will not work for this method. Technically you can dye your hair any color you want but stick to a shade that is close to your natural hair color to avoid suspicion. If you have longer/thicker hair, you might need more than 2 boxes of dye.

Does it Work?

The Jerry G Method has an almost-perfect success rate. It’s cheaper than the Macujo Method, and you only need 10 days to go through the whole process and pass that test.

However, there are many disadvantages to the Jerry G Method. Bleach is incredibly harsh and will most likely damage your hair. The method requires many ingredients and a lot of prep. Overall, it’s a successful but pretty complicated method that will take a lot of time and effort to get right.

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