Does Magnum Detox Fake Urine Really Work?

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So you finally went for your dream job, and now you’re at the interview stage. At this point, it’s fairly common to have to pass a urine test to get the job. No matter how long you’ve been working at a company, your new employer may still schedule a urine test like LabCorp for you.

There really isn’t any cause for concern if you don’t use any drugs. But if you regularly take drugs for whatever reason, then that’s a different story altogether. But even if you do, there’s no need to worry about failing the drug test!

Science and technology have finally caught up and found a way to cheat the test and get you that negative result. No, drinking lots of water isn’t going to cut it. The solution for many drug users is synthetic urine. The best synthetic urine products make it seem like you don’t use any banned substances at all, leading to that negative test result.

Over the last few months, one specific product has been causing a lot of buzz in the market because a lot of drug users have been buying it so they can try and cheat the drug test. Meet Magnum Detox Fake Urine. Does it live up to the billing, or is it all hype and no substance (pun intended)? Well, we know you’re curious, so we tried it out.

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Or read further to find out why Magnum Detox is not our #1 choice.

What is Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine?

image of magnum detox fake peeMagnum Detox is one of the most well-known synthetic urine products out there today. It’s a go-to option because you can just buy it from the store. It’s also immediately available, which makes it a convenient choice. The question is, though, can you trust fake pee from the store?

Its manufacturers say that Magnum Detox Synthetic urine was designed to be a carbon copy of a baseline urine sample. Various ingredients come together to make this fake urine sample look as real as it gets for the lab tests. When you get the kit, you’ll notice that it’s pretty simple to use and it has everything you need to turn that fake pee into the real thing. Here’s what you’ll get inside the kit:

  • A vial of uric acid
  • A heating pad
  • A rubber band

The product itself has a shelf life of two years. But once you use the uric acid, then you’ll have seven days to use it before it goes bad.

Protip: don’t use the uric acid until you actually have to.

The reason uric acid is important is because the labs are going to look for how much of it is in your pee. You’ve got components including creatine, urea, ammonia that are naturally found in your pee, which makes uric acid a significant ingredient.

The tricky part is in getting the temperature like that of real pee. That’s why it’s important to use the heating pad and temperature strip. If you don’t get the temperature right, your synthetic urine isn’t going to cut it and you’re going to fail that drug test.

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Here’s How You Use It

Step One: Make sure to shake the container before you heat or mix.

Step Two: Place the container in the microwave and heat it for about 10 seconds. Keep in mind that temperature of real pee is somewhere between 94-100°F, so your container has to be within that same range. If it isn’t, then put it back in the microwave. The temperature strip should help you get an accurate reading, so if the pee ends up overheating, you’ll have to let it cool first before you do it all over again.

Step Three: Once you get to the desired temperature level, shake the container again. You need to do this because the other particles in the pee need to dissolve and be distributed evenly.

Step Four: Shake the heating pad to warm it. You may attach it to the container on the opposite side of the temperature strip once it’s warm enough. Hold it in place using the band. The heating pad can maintain the necessary temperatures for about six to eight hours.

Step Five: Now that the sample is ready, you can finally add the uric acid to the mixture. Shake the container afterwards.

Step Six: Remember to do this last step on the day of the actual test. Pour the mixture into the container and remember to hide it in your clothes. The container should have a spout to help you pour easily.

Has Anyone Failed with Magnum?

image of failed urine drug testMagnum Detox seems to be popular because it’s got a huge budget for marketing. However, the truth is it isn’t always as effective as advertised. From experiences we’ve heard of, Magnum Synthetic Urine isn’t entirely reliable because there are people who have failed the urine test when they used it.

Yes, it’s easy to use because you can just mix the solution quickly. Within 30 seconds, you’ve got the solution all ready. Compare that to other brands, which can take up to 30 minutes to put the mix together. Here’s where Magnum might trip you up. Even when you carefully follow the instructions, Magnum itself isn’t able to imitate clean pee.

When it heats up, it produces more creatine than it should have. Test labs have improved to the point that they can tell exactly how much creatine our bodies produce. If the synthetic urine’s creatine levels don’t match with the real thing, then it’ll fail the test.

Here’s another problem with Magnum Detox: it contains other substances which aren’t even found in your body. So when the lab tech runs it through the tests, these substances will immediately raise red flags. It’s possible that the substances won’t get picked up because you didn’t follow the instructions to a T. But it could also just be the simple fact that the technology has caught up and can trace them.

While not everyone who has used the product has failed the drug test, a good number of them have. If you want fake urine that’s way more consistent, our recommendation is to order Quick Fix 6.2 instead from the official store; it’s not just better, but buying it in bulk is also cheaper on your end. If you order three bottles, they’ll throw in a fourth one for FREE (limited promotion!)

Magnum vs. Quick Fix 6.2


All things considered, Magnum has a higher failure rate. If you need it urgently, it’s readily available and easier to put together, but it can be unreliable.

Quick Fix 6.2

If you want a guaranteed pass on your drug test, you should go for Quick Fix Plus (learn more). Quick Fix 6.2 assures you that there won’t be any foreign substances detected in your sample and that it’s as close as it gets to real pee.

Here’s what you need to know about Quick Fix Plus. It’s created in a scientific environment, which simulates the natural substances found in real human urine, making it pass for the real thing. It contains balanced pH levels, creatine, urea, and other substances contained in real pee.

image of the new quick fix fake peeMagnum is as a cheaper but not so effective option, we now RECOMMEND NOT to use it at all. Instead we recommend Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, a product with a passing rate higher than 99.99%. You can get it directly from their Official Website at a discounted rate.



We aren’t recommending Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine especially if you really need to pass that urine test. It doesn’t simulate all the natural substances found in real pee, and the substances that actually appear don’t even match the levels found in the human body. That’s why it’s repeatedly failed customers. There are too many signs that give away its inauthenticity.

Don’t let a product like this cost you your dream gig.  We recommend you go for Quick Fix 6.2, it is easily our leading brand right now with a 99.9% success rate meaning that it gives you the best chance of passing your drug test.

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