Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Review: A Crystal-Clear Pass for Urine Tests

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Are you worried about an upcoming drug test? Is your weekend toking putting a job prospect in jeopardy? If these are problems that you’re facing, chances are you’re trying to think of a way to get yourself some clean pee. While it can be tempting to pass off some synthetic urine instead, there have been way too many stories of people who fail urine tests because of them. It’s either their synthetic stuff lacked certain chemicals found in real pee, or that the substitute just wasn’t the right temperature.

Preparing a pee substitute just won’t cut it, and if you have a little time before taking the test, it’s always better to just speed up your body’s natural detoxing process by finding the right drink or supplement. There are lots of options out there, but they can be expensive or ineffective.

We’ve tried many detox options to find out what can get the job done, and Detoxify Mega Clean has our ringing endorsement. Don’t want to slog through a round of trial and error with other drinks? Read on to learn more about this surefire way to pass your urine test!

Why Do I Need to Take a Detoxing Aid?

Drugs are either water-soluble or fat-soluble. For water-soluble drugs, that means they go through your body by staying in your blood—so after a day or two, they’re flushed out of your body. Fat-soluble drugs are trickier: these kinds of drugs bind to the fat in your body and stay there, so it can take a few months before you’re sure that it’s completely out of your body. The kicker? Most drugs are fat-soluble.

Detoxing by taking lots of fresh fruit and veg and drinking plenty of water helps to speed up the process, but that could still take as long as three months before you’ll start testing negative. What Detoxify Mega Clean aims to do with the detox solution and pill combo is to accelerate that, with a powerful combination of natural herbs and minerals that will help you pass any drug test.

How Does Detoxify Mega Clean Work?

mega cleanThe Detoxify Mega Clean system is made up of two things: a packet of pre-cleanse pills, and a cleansing drink. Before you start taking the pills, you need to stop taking any kind of toxins for at least 24 hours. If you light up, it’s not going to work. There are 6 pills, and you should take these at least 24 hours before your drug test. Each detox pill has to be spaced out by four hours from the next one. Drink plenty of water in between each dose to maximize their detoxing effects.

After that, you have the cleansing drink, which you chug around two to three hours before your test. Pick from either the tropical fruit or wild berry flavors; chill, shake, open, and drink it all up. Wait around 15 minutes, then refill the bottle with water and drink that as well. Feel free to drink some more water so you keep peeing. When you’ve done those steps, just walk in and take that test!

Detoxify Mega Clean will mask the toxins for up to 5 hours, but based on our own trial of the stuff, it’s most effective around the three-hour mark. Keep that window in mind when you plan your dose around your test time. 


What’s in Detoxify Mega Clean?

The secret to Detoxify Mega Clean’s effectivity is that it’s made up of herbs that are known as natural detox agents. Milk thistle, dandelion, hawthorn berry and nettle are all great for flushing toxins out of your system, as they are diuretics. This means they make your kidneys and liver stronger and more efficient, so you’ll keep peeing out whatever drugs are still lingering in your body.

There are also vitamins and minerals in it such as Vitamins A and D, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. Apart from helping keep your body healthy, they keep your body from having a nutrient deficiency from the constant peeing. Since many of these are also water-soluble and naturally occur in many foods, they’ll keep your pee from looking suspicious—urine that’s too diluted is a red flag for testing and can cause a failure.

There isn’t any obscure chemical in Detoxify Mega Clean that will make your pee automatically clean. But its recipe is built on the solid knowledge that these herbs are proven diuretics and that people have been taking them for years to cleanse.

Who Should Take Detoxify Mega Clean?

If you regularly indulge in lighting up, or if you’re simply a heavy smoker, Detoxify Mega Clean is definitely a detox product you should look into. It’s also a good choice if you’re around 200 pounds or more in weight, as Detoxify Mega Clean comes in a large 1L form with all the detoxing agents you need. You won’t have to buy or consume multiple bottles to get the full effect!

If you don’t smoke that much, and your weight is lower, you can take XXtra Clean instead. That will be just as effective as Detoxify Mega Clean for someone of your weight. XXtra Clean also doesn’t need the pre-detox drink pills to work its magic, so you might consider taking this cheaper solution instead.

Does Detoxify Mega Clean Really Work?

Yes, it does. Make sure you follow the instructions very carefully and avoid greasy or fatty foods until your test is done. Don’t even think about taking any alcohol or unnecessary medication for the next 24 hours. You need to give your body the best possible chance to put out clean pee, and that beer is not going to help a bit.

If you’re not convinced by the hundreds of relieved buyers who’ve all written reviews, buy the set and try it for yourself. We’ve actually taken Detoxify Mega Clean, then tested it at home with a reliable testing kit. Every single time, the strips showed zero signs of detecting any toxins, and we’ve used it for drug tests confidently—and Detoxify Mega Clean did not let us down.

Just make sure you buy the pills and detox drink set from authorized, trusted retailers. Some online sellers may offer to sell it at much lower prices, but don’t cut corners just to end up with a fake or expired product! Their Official Site also bundles the drink with the pills with no extra cost, so you end up saving money.

Don’t think that you can skip taking the pills. Some of the negative reviews that this product has received turned out to be from users who wanted to pinch a few pennies and stuck with the drink. The supplement capsules are meant to prepare your body for detoxing and make the process faster. Not taking them meant that the toxins weren’t fully flushed out as a result.


Mega Clean Detox Review: Conclusion

Heave a sigh of relief and take that drug test with a calm mind. When you take Detoxify Mega Clean, you’re bound to pass perfectly clean pee that will keep you out of trouble! Steer clear of questionable synthetic pee or the unreliability of other detox supplements on the market. Detoxify Mega Clean is a tried and tested two in one punch that will hide what’s lurking in your body, no problem.

Detoxify Mega Clean is worth a try, especially as few other detox drinks (check the ones we recommend here) can deliver clean pee within 24 hours. If you’re pressed for time and need to clean up fast before your urine test, this pill and drink combo is your lifesaver. It might be a bit pricey, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than losing your job for failing a urine test! Buy it from today and see precisely why it’s worked for so many other people!