Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Urine Review: Does It Really Work?

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Here’s a situation most people are probably familiar with: you’re in line for that new job, you’ve passed the interview, and everything lines up. They love you, and they can’t wait to start working with you. There’s just one thing, though – company policy says it’s absolutely important that you must, and you absolutely must take this drug test.

Well, you’re screwed. You had some fun lately (and by lately, we mean not more than a month ago) and you’re sure you’re going to pee positive. There’s no way around it. You may be panicking now as the date of your drug test draws closer.

Which is why you’re now here, thinking of buying your own fake pee. You’ve done your research on the internet, and you’ve narrowed down your search to Quick Fix synthetic urine. You don’t know, though, if it’s as effective as you think it is. You know that not using the best synthetic urine for a drug test is very tricky, you’ve heard that some brands don’t pass urinalysis machines as consistently as you’d like, and sophisticated lab technology now means that you don’t have a 100% chance to make it. Take advantage of Quick Fix urine, the highest rated synthetic urine brand in the market right now to beat the urine drug test.

Or, okay, you’re not using this to pass a drug test. Maybe you just want to use the fake urine in bed or something, because that’s your thing. It’s okay, we won’t judge.

What is Quick Fix Synthetic Pee?

picture of quick fix plus kitFirst, a brief rundown of this fake urine product. Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2 is a synthetic urine created in labs and the reason why they made it is to actually calibrate urinalysis machines. It contains actual urea, so that it really closely resembles (meaning it looks and smells like) the real thing. It just so happens that it’s found its way to the public – specifically those who need to use it to get through those very same urinalysis machines.

Why does it have 6.2 in its name, though? Simple: it’s because like software, the product has undergone a bunch of improvements and versions over the years, as lab technology has also advanced to catch fake urine. It only follows that the fake stuff would be upgraded too.


How to Use Quick Fix Plus Urine Kit Properly?

For those who don’t know how to use fake urine properly, the most important thing you’ve got to remember is you need to maintain the right temperature. As everyone knows, pee is warm, and if your temperature is off, you’re either going to give away the fact that you’re using fake piss (if it’s too cold) or your pee is simply not going to pass the test (if it’s too hot). You need the fake pee to be as close to 96 degrees Fahrenheit when you pass it off to the collector.

Thankfully, if you’re using Quick Fix Plus, you won’t have to worry about the temperature too much. Its bottle is safe for the microwave, it’s got a temperature strip that conveniently indicates whether the pee has the right temperature, and it also has a warmer to keep your fake pee at optimal temperature for approximately 8 hours so you have nothing to worry about.

Heating Quick Fix 6.2

Why Does Quick Fix Urine Need to Be Heated?

With real urine, as it exits the body, the temperature can be anywhere between 90 to 100 degrees F, up to the time they test it. If it’s too hot or too cold, they’ll suspect that you’re providing fake pee or giving old stored pee and you might be required to pee again. To be on the safe side, get it heated to as close to 96 degrees F—that temp’s a sweet spot.

Is It Safe to Reheat Quick Fix Synthetic Urine in the Microwave?

Ideally, for instant reheating and an exact temperature reading, a microwave is ideal.  If using the Quick Fix Plus, it will already come in a microwave-safe bottle. It also comes with a temperature strip, and a handy warmer.man loading microwave

Microwave heating instructions can be found on the packaging of the bottle for the warmer (NOT the pee), but just so you know ahead, here’s how to do it in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Stick the warmer in the microwave, making sure to do 10-second intervals during heating so it doesn’t get too warm. If it gets close to hot, you’ll have a hard time attaching it to the bottle and to your person, because, duh, too hot.
  • Step 2: Attach the warmer to the container. It’s a size perfect enough to fit right on the bottle, plus it keeps it at the right temperature for up to 8 hours. That makes it super convenient especially if you’re waiting at the clinic for hours and hours, that way you don’t have to worry about reheating.
  • Step 3: Just before pouring your heated sample of Quick Fix synthetic urine, if you can, shake it up a little to create a little froth and bubbles. Piss naturally has small bubbles on the surface, especially when you pee fast and with force which is the case for most urine test samples because you’ve been holding in your pee until you’re told you can piss in a cup. Although it’s not all that necessary, it adds a nice touch to the illusion.
  • Step 4: Clean up after yourself. Whether if you’re whipping out a bottle of piss from your pocket, or using a urination device, do the whole show. If you can, “pee” some of your sample towards the end into the toilet and for the love of God, flush! And don’t leave any evidence in the restroom.

Can You Reheat the QF Warmer Without a Microwave?

Reheating Quick Fix 6.2 without a microwave entails time and a lot of patience. While still using the warmer, apply it as you would to the bottle and keep it somewhere warm, preferably a part of your body that’s warm, like in your pants.

Heating the warmer without a microwave may take about 45 minutes to an hour to get it to the right temperature.


Is It Necessary to Have a Special Urination Device When Using Quick Fix?

Although it’s not entirely necessary, it is highly advised, since you can never know if clinics will require you to be supervised while you pee or not.

leg strap beltQuick Fix 6.2 offers a whole pissing kit, complete with urination devices if you want to check that out. They offer urine belts, stash undies, and stash leg straps.

Quick Fix 6.2 is also best used with a legit peripheral like the Monkey Dong or the Monkey Whizz if you have to fill the cup with someone supervising you. Those are two other urination devices on the market today that’ll help you with your drug screening.

If you do purchase one, the advice from experts is to get one days or weeks ahead before your drug screening so you have time to practice walking and moving around with it attached to your body. Figure out how to attach it properly without giving away any awkward visible bulges and know how to keep it on you so it doesn’t slip out.

How to Store Quick Fix 6.2

Shelf Life

The shelf life of Quick Fix urine is up to a year, which is the longest of anything like it in the market today. For reference, the manufacturing date and unique numerical code will indicate how old the batch is and when it will expire.

Is Quick Fix Safe to Freeze?

The chemical structure of Quick Fix 6.2 will not alter if it is frozen, as long as it has not passed its expiration date. When thawing, let it come to room temperature at its own pace. Do not let thaw in direct sunlight or in microwave.

Is It Okay to Mix Two Samples Together?

Yes. Whether for storage or for tests, mixing two Quick Fix synthetic urine samples doesn’t alter or change its composition or effectiveness. As long as you make sure that the samples you mix together are not expired and have not been mixed with other substances, you’ll still pass your test.

Make sure as well that you’re mixing the same versions, and not mixing a 6.2 with an older version you’ve kept stored.

Does Quick Fix 6.2 Really Work?

image of quick fix fake pee in useSo because Quick Fix urine is made and tested in labs, the conventional thinking is that it’s going to be very hard to fail a urine test if you’re using it.

We tried it against Quick Fix 6.1 and we’re glad to tell you that the stuff still works. (Both still work, actually, but the older product may have a lower chance of passing.) Spectrum Labs has come up with arguably the finest fake urine product on the market right now. The official word on the street is that Quick Fix urine has a 99% passing rate (99.987% if you want to be really exact), and it’s because Spectrum Labs is meticulous enough to keep upgrading and updating their product to always pass tests. If you’re not sure about which brand to get, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Suffice it to say, this stuff works. We’re amazed at how much it works, actually. Take our word for it – you won’t fail with this one. (Of course, as long as you use it properly according to the instructions above.)

Why Use Quick Fix?

Quick Fix 6.2 is relatively safer compared to detox kits, pills, and drinks, since you’re not ingesting anything which could potentially be harmful to your body.

Quick Fix is one of, if not, the easiest alternative when you’re looking for a solution to passing a drug test, and you need that solution like now, like right now.

What Makes Quick Fix 6.2 Different From Any Other Synthetic Pee?

Quick Fix is an easy solution that has been tested and proven, compared to other pees. As testing laboratories work on advancing their methods to detect the presence of drugs, Spectrum Labs simultaneously constantly works on keeping their versions of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine up-to-date, or even 2 steps ahead.

Compared to other synthetic urine, Quick Fix Plus is ready to use, since most other similar products on the market today are either dehydrated or still need some sort of additional preparation. With Quick Fix, there is only a simple and quick heating step needed.


The ingredients that make up Quick Fix 6.2 are also what makes it truly a stand-out product compared to the rest of the artificial urine sold today.


What Is Quick Fix Plus Made Of?

Quick Fix is made to smell, feel, and even taste, like real pee. It even has the essential elements that they test for like levels of creatinine, pH, urea, specific gravity, plus other identifiers to ensure it’s real, ‘human’ urine.

chemistry equipmentThis next bit is where Quick Fix proves itself to be a better choice than the other fake pee you see out there. Spectrum labs has found a way to essentially make artificial, foolproof, drug-free urine, and it all has to do with this one element: Urea.

Most manufacturers today boast of their products having uric acid. If you’re not too science-y you might think that means that the product is immediately the right choice. Because, uric acid maybe, equals urine? Right? Nope! When it comes to urine tests, labs don’t test for uric acid (at least not for drug tests) but they test for urea.

A simple Google search will tell you that uric acid and urea are definitely not the same thing, and it’s important to make this distinction if you’re gambling with something as critical as test results.

Urea is one of the important waste products our bodies make. It’s a bio waste that occurs in our bodies naturally when amino acids and proteins are metabolized and broken down. As a biowaste, it is typically eliminated through urine which is what makes Quick Fix’s formula better than other artificial pees.

Where to Buy Quick Fix 6.2 and Cost

You can easily buy your own Quick Fix bottles online in Amazon or other third-party vendors. However, in order for the product to work, you have to remember a few things for you to avoid buying EXPIRED products at a discount sale price on Amazon and Ebay.

    • Check the product’s name carefully. The label has to say Spectrum Labs Quick Fix urine. The number’s got to be correct, because you want to buy the latest version of the formula. If you get an older version of the product, you are likely not going to pass your drug test.
    • See if you can confirm that the product you’re buying is not close to expiration. The ingredients and compounds in synthetic urine break down, and you obviously want to pass a sample that seems fresh.

The good thing is, quick fix synthetic piss costs anywhere between $40-100+ at a sale price. Depending on the quantity of the product you buy, as well as any additional accessories you may need to make it work (heating pads, vinyl pouches, and fake urine belts) the price may be more than that.

Once again, I highly recommend you take advantage of special discount of 4 for price of 3 promotion available at the official Quick Fix site.

Is There a Store Locator for Quick Fix?

Unfortunately, no there is not. Spectrum Labs would prefer for buyers to purchase Quick Fix versions from them directly so as to ensure the quality of the product and also so buyers confidently know that the batch they purchased was not contaminated and passed all of the lab’s testing.

Spectrum Labs does sell bottles of Quick Fix by the box and wholesale, so some local head shops and adult novelty stores may carry the product.

Spectrum Labs urges customers to order from them directly online and have it shipped for convenience. If time is a huge factor, Spectrum Labs offers priority shipping.

While Spectrum Labs themselves do not advertise of any store locator, you may still find one online although its authenticity and reliability isn’t guaranteed or verified by Spectrum Labs.

Frequently asked questions about Quick Fix 6.2

Q: What if I don’t have a microwave?

A: Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. You can still heat the Quick Fix to the right temperature. Just stick the heating pad to the back of the container using the rubber band that comes with the product. You’ll have to leave it in a safe location or stick it close to your body (preferably to any part that’s warm) for around 45 minutes to get the desired temperature of 90 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. When you get that, just shake the bottle to create bubbles.

Q: Is Quick Fix really undetectable in lab tests?

A: Yes. Once again, Quick Fix 6.2 is rigorously tested in a lab setting. It’s got all the compounds and ingredients found in real pee, and will pass tests as long as you store and use it properly.

Q: How long is Quick Fix urine’s shelf life?

A: Good news, because Quick Fix 6.2 has one of the longest synthetic urine shelf life with two years. The date of manufacture and expiration can be found on the packaging, on the upper-left hand side of the directions.

Q: Is it safe to freeze and reheat Quick Fix 6.2 if I haven’t used it yet?

A: Absolutely. Quick Fix urine is designed to be frozen and reheated without its ingredients and compounds going bad. If you must reheat it regularly, you can buy additional heating pads.

Q: Will direct sunlight damage Quick Fix synthetic urine?

A: Don’t leave it in the sun! If the synthetic urine is left exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, the UV rays will break down the compounds and biochemical structure in the fluid! If you suspect that your Quick Fix has spent too much time out in the sun, don’t bother using it anymore because you’re likely to fail your urine test.



So if you really need to secure fake urine in a pinch, you’d do worse than to buy yourself Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2. We can tell you that it’s the most reliable fake pee product out there, and you can buy it online swiftly and discreetly. If you need to pass a weed drug test for something really important in your life, don’t take a risk and gamble your career away on other brands. Get this product instead.

Good luck