Xstream Synthetic Urine Review: Does it Work in 2022?

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So you’ve got a drug test coming up on short notice and you need way to get around it. Not just any way around it—one that works. So rather than risk a detox, you go for fake pee.

Synthetic urine, in more technical terms, is a widely trusted solution because unlike detox kits like shampoos (full article detox shampoos here), drinks, and pills, which could fail even when used right, fake pee always yields the same results when used properly. A reliable brand will always get you through a drug test. Of course, unreliable brands generally won’t.

But how do you tell them apart?

There aren’t a lot of reliable reviews for synthetic urine. Most of the time, you either have someone raving about how a brand got him through a sudden drug test or you have someone ranting about how so-and-so brand lost him his job. It can get emotional, to say the least.

So in this xstream synthetic urine review article, we’ll be taking a look at one of the brands that comes up in a lot of reviews: Xstream.

Xstream is a fairly well-established brand that’s been around for a few years, but their reputation has had rough spots. That said, their formula has been updated, so it’s supposed to be more effective now. We’ll be taking that claim and seeing how it holds up against other trusted brands.

image of the new quick fix fake peeXstream is as a cheaper but not so effective option, we now RECOMMEND NOT to use it at all. Instead we recommend Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, a product with a passing rate higher than 99.99%. You can get it directly from their Official Website at a discounted rate.


Read our review of the Quick Fix 6.2.

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Our Review Standards

Where synthetic urine is concerned, even one failure can lead to catastrophe. So obviously, the most important criteria is reliability in formulation. Synthetic urine should be able to reliably and consistently imitate qualities in real urine, such as:

  • Uric acid/urea content
  • Creatinine levels
  • Specific gravity (density compared to a standard, e.g. water)
  • pH level (acidity or alkalinity)
  • Other easily observable qualities (e.g. appearance, consistency, smell)

Next comes usability. Drug tests are generally held under fairly stringent conditions, so being able to efficiently prepare and use a fake urine kit is important. If the kit is too difficult to use in an actual situation, its formulation won’t count for much.

After that, we’ll consider any other unique selling points (USPs) Xstream might have. This is hardly as important as the other two factors, but should help people decide if they’re on the fence between two brands.

Finally, we’ll take a cursory glance at price and availability. These can vary quite a bit across different states, however, so it’s hard to come up with a comprehensive result.

What is Xstream Synthetic Urine

A quick glance at any Xstream packaging or online ad should quickly turn up something interesting: the product is labeled “Fetish Urine.” While many of the leading synthetic urine brands were made with the purpose of duping blood tests, Xstream started out as something more directly recreational.

Xstream synthetic urine has since improved its formulation to make them suitable for use in drug tests. That said, their primary focus is still on use in fetish communities and activities. Their USPs, which we’ll get to in a bit, are meant to serve those purposes.

Formulation and Reliability

Xstream claims their synthetic urine products have “[a] proper blend of Creatinine, pH levels, and other normal human urine components with a specific gravity that makes it incredibly similar to naturally emitted urine.”

This is more or less true. The solution is fairly close to human urine in the qualities listed, though it’s hardly the most accurate in the market.

There’s enough anecdotal evidence of Xstream products failing at the laboratory testing stage to make it difficult to give this a complete recommendation. The cause for these failures, however, may not be in the composition of the urine itself, but in its heating.


In addition to the other qualities, synthetic urine also has to imitate the temperature of natural human urine. However, because it’s difficult to store it at 98° F, most manufacturers simply provide a means of easily reheating their products.

This is where Xstream fake pee really stumbles. Its heating mechanisms are simply too shoddy to reliably dupe lab equipment.

First off, the hand warmer that’s included for heating is of poor quality and unlikely to get the job done satisfactorily. Second, the bottle’s temperature indicator is quite inaccurate—so while you could reheat it through other means, like a microwave to keep it warm, it would be difficult to tell if you’re getting it right.

Unique Selling Point

Given that Xstream was and still is primarily designed for fetishists, these inaccuracies shouldn’t be too surprising. That said, does that sort of focus provide any benefits in terms of accurate imitation?

Well, sort of.

Xstream synthetic piss looks and smells close to human urine than many other brands. It’s designed to foam a bit when shaken, as natural urine does, and its odor is closer to the real thing, too.

This is good for presentation purposes, such as when you’re taking a supervised drug test. It might make people around you less immediately suspicious.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t count for anything the moment lab equipment is involved.

Price and Availability

If Xstream does happen to suit your needs or preferences, it’s at least quite easily obtainable. As one of the longer-running brands, Xstream urine kits is stocked by a number of online stores.

In terms of price, Xstream fake urine compares well with other leading brands. A standard bottle is in the same general price range as most of its competitors, and there are value packs available if you foresee the need for multiple bottles or if you want to store them for later use.


All things considered, Xstream is a product that knows what it’s about—and it so happens that it’s about urine fetishes rather than passing drug tests.

While it’s possible to pass a drug test using Xstream’s synthetic urine, there’s generally too much riding on the results to risk this much chances for errors. Their products are worth consideration if you have no other alternatives, but you should account for their weaknesses. Look for more reliable ways to heat and measure the temperature of the urine sample before using it.

That said, Xstream shouldn’t be your first choice—unless, of course, you’re in it for the fetish use.


Based on our experience with different brands, our top choice for drug testing purposes would still be Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine. You can get it directly from their Official Website at a discounted rate.

Quick FIx 6.2 is an update to the brand’s long-running formulation, which has performed reliably in drug tests over the years. The improved version adds to the formulation, making it work even when subjected to the more rigorous methods used by the most up-to-date laboratories.

The main changes from the older version have to do with the urea content. Urea itself can vary quite a bit in composition, depending on a person’s diet and other lifestyle factors. What Quick Fix’s newest version does is to more accurately reflect the presence of certain elements, such as Nitrogen.

While this update comes at a cost—Quick Fix 6.2 sells around $5-6 higher than older versions, usually—it’s well worth it if you want to be absolutely confident in your test results.

In addition to the laboratory reports, Quick Fix enjoys widespread patronage and customer confidence. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the brand and, compared to Xstream synthetic urine, much fewer reports of it letting people down, making it easy to add it to the list of leading synthetic urine kits.

Our own experience with Quick Fix, both in our own tests and in feedback from people we’ve recommended it to, has been extremely positive. We’re familiar with it and we know it works.

If you’re looking for a brand of synthetic urine that’s effective, accessible, and affordable, Quick Fix 6.2 should be your first choice.